My youtube chanel about Gdevelop

My youtube channel about Gdevelop.
I’m thinking of putting Turkish gdevelop videos here. I also created a facebook group to create a community in Turkey. I’m thinking of opening a discord channel in the future. Those who are interested can take a look.

Youtube Channel :

Facebook Group : Log into Facebook | Facebook


Thanks for sharing this with everyone here :slight_smile:
If you know how many Turks are interested in joining the Discord server, I can definitely open a text channel for you on the official GDevelop Discord server!

We can also create a Turkish playlist on the Youtube channel, and index your videos in this new playlist if you agree.


@Bouh Thank you for your attention. I don’t know how many people want to join the Discord server. If there is a request in the future, I will contact you.

You can add my videos to the playlist. Not a problem for me. If you wish, I can also contact those who produce content related to gdevelop in Turkey. We can add your videos to the list.

Gdevelop’s Turkish community would be very happy with it. Keep growing mate!

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