Need assistance for designing a physic based game


I am interested in creating a game that is based on the principles of physics. Here is my idea for the game:


Here you can test this idea:​

How can I expand this idea and nurture it to several stages?



Your link is giving me a 404.

Have you seen this video?

You can use external layouts to create levels. Make the targets tougher to hit or maybe add power ups interactive elements like switches with doors or elevators. IDK. Mix things up. Add explosions.

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Can you please try this link:

I got this idea from the game Ball Challenge.
Do you think it is possible to develop more and make a newer game based on physics?

Do you have an idea for a more interesting game?


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It’s nice. A little more bounce would be nice. I was trying to bounce it off the wall to reach the objects, sort of like a trick shot but there wasn’t enough bounce.

Gdevelop is powerful but easy to use. The possibilities are endless. The answer to “can it be done” is almost always yes.

I don’t have any specific ideas. You can add motion, moving targets, different surfaces with different physics and bounce, IDK. Just keep experimenting.