Need Game Testers Shooting Game(Andriod device & Web with touch device)

Hi, I need test my demo games for some levels.

This is my game download link:

For Web test link:

Let me know if you have any bugs or sugguestion.


First off, it’s an .apk, so only for Android. You should specify this.

Secondly, why don’t you export to the web it so it can be played in the browser? I’m not sure how many would be keen to blindly install an apk into their android device. Whereas we trust a game by running it from the GDevelop web site.



Thanks for suggestion for test on web. But I want test my app on touch device, so I only made a .apk version for Android phone. Sorry about that.

You can also block non touch devices, there is a condition to detect presence of touchscreens.

Where can find example?