Need help in creating a clicker game

So I’m actually thinking of creating a clicker game where you’re hungry and thirsty all the time and will need to continuously click on the food and water to stay alive and fit. Can someone suggest me how I should go about coding the game? Any relevant tutorials I should look at?

Not gonna lie, the game sounds super addictive and fun. I mean it’s just a stupid plain idea, but such ideas are the ones that work in “idle games” genre.

IKR!! Thanks for the motivation dude. I’m also thinking of creating an auto clicker as well. As most people are anyway going to use that tool with the game, so why not create one.

There are a few tutorials at Youtube, e.g.:

or HelperWesley’s devlog about making a clicker game (events are shown from part 2):

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Damn! That’s a smart idea. If you do, please make a good one, there are plenty of stupid auto clcikers out there which look like some kind of virus.

Thanks man, I’ll have a look

Ik ik, I’ll make sure its good, both in functionality as well as the looks. I’m trying to make something like GG. They did a good job with most of the aspects. Let’s see how my tool turns out.

Good luck bro, it’ll definitely turn out good.

Thanks again man, see you around.

Were you able to make a clicker game? If yes, can you please share the source code. I have to submit my college project and I have tried everything I could with op auto clicker and some HTML Javascript combination but unable to get it to work properly. Also, can anyone else can share some link where I can find something similar?