Need help to find 2D Game assets for Isekai World

Hi everyone!
I need your help for my game (open world RPG).
I need to find some 2D assets (sprites, timesheet, icons…) in a med fantasy world (a bundle it will be great to have the same design for all).
For the characters sprites, they must have animations (attack, hit, dead…)

Do you know some bundle, or assets ?

Why not team up with an artist and make something unique?

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Do you already tried

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Hello! Thanks for your responses.

@Per, I’m already in touch with two artists; however, the price of hiring an artist is not the same as purchasing a bundle on itch, for example.

@Kruger, I’ve already looked into Itch quite a bit, and there are some great finds! However, maintaining a consistent visual style across all assets (sprites, characters, etc.) is quite challenging.

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You can find a lot of assets who can be useful like a place holder and stuff like that, but if you want to make a game commercial you should find an artist or learn at least a little bit of pixel art

I didn’t mean hiring. Back in the day we would form teams and make projects for fun and experience. That seems a lot less common these days