Need help with a Keyboard issue

I just noticed something weird about my Keyboard and im not sure if its something i did or if it was always like this and i just never noticed since i usually play using my controller…

When i have the “Right Arrow” + “Up Arrow” held down, some of my other keys stop working, for example the A and D keys, but some others still work, like the S, W, E, R, T and so on… its so weird…

I know its not exactly a GDevelop question but considering we all using the keyboard to game you guys might have come across the same issue.

Wonder if its a Windows thing, a Keyboard thing or if i just did something and its a Me thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

It’s a limitation of the keyboard. Mine is the same way. A highend keyboard might be able to handle more but it’s inconsistent.

“One limit occurs because most keyboards do not have individual wires for each key; instead the keyboard has a matrix (or several) where each key connects a specific row/column, and when too many simultaneous connections are made in the same matrix, they become impossible to distinguish”

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Ahh cool stuff… man youd think by now technology would have improved… i knew older keyboards were kinda scuffed like that, but mine is a recent purchase, even tho its a low end Logitech…

Thanks tho, i feel a bit more relieved now, i thought i had done something since iv never noticed it before, cheers!! <3

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Nah mine is not like that