Need more Idea on my new game

pls try my game and give me feedback
I would love ideas to put into my game TY.
Also game is 3D

The words to type are alot making it harder. And the hint you left makes no sense. It might for you because you made game but when you are testing the game play it from another perspective as if you just found this game and know nothing about it. I do it alot and it relly helps in improvements.

Personally I type Fast so I am am able to complete it
I tryed from another perspective Yes It is alot of words for slow typers.
But I think its a way to encurage to type faster by trying and trying again till you complete it yes memorizing and going back could help that fact.
Lastly I feel like my game needs another person to help build my game like a Video game designer to make my game more pretty than what i made it like.

I can Collab with you and yes your right many people are slow typers and that is the major problem im trying to explain. It will be so hard for the player it will easily loose all interest in your game. And i know you put your heart in this game but being too short and hard can really destroy all excitement and all the fun of your game.

When we type in does not feel like we are accelerating so we should have that feel so it feels like its working a fast typer would really win it

you only accelerate when you compete the sentence. after like 5 your speed is faster than the cpu.

So you should alsi tell players jow many words to tyoe otherwise like me they will be just spamming two buttons and still not accelerating lol

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It could be a nice typing learn game with more polishing.

I was not really going with a learning how to type game causes there too many off them out there. This game is mostly so pose to be like Nitro Type in its own way but it did not turn out to be like it cause my lack of knowledge in using this system. But after using it for 9 month trying to create a game but building on my game for like 30 min a day with just my self for not being a artist I feel accomplished but I want to add more so I still am open to ideas but not going towards teaching how to type sorry.