Need some ideas! (Existing Project)

Let me be clear, I’m not asking for ideas for a new project, but I need help adapting an existing project. Basically, I have a game that, in its current state, is a game in which you deliver mail to some houses in a small town.

Here’s the current gameplay loop:

  1. Collect mail from a mail van; uses an inventory which holds a limited number of items (3 - 5)

  2. Deliver mail to houses (3 different types of mail, newspapers, letters, and packages, which are delivered slightly differently).

  • To deliver newspapers, “click” on the house.
  • To deliver letters, “click” on the mailbox out front.
  • To deliver packages, same as papers but takes longer
  • This is obviously just temporary / t.b.d
  1. Do this over and over. The game works on a day system, where each day is a certain amount of real life minutes (currently 3). Go home, and start a new day. There are also some power ups (like increased inventory space) that are unlocked later on.

My dilemma is simple: the current loop is boring. I was wondering if anybody here has some suggestions as to how I could make the game more interesting, but not something overly crazy of course. Also, you could suggest entirely new ideas as well that are not part of the main loop, such as maybe something to do before / after the day, etc. Any help is appreciated!

Is this a top down game? It could have a time challenge mode or points for accuracy, maybe obstacles like dogs, an occasional special delivery that has to be delivered in like 30 seconds with a giant countdown clock and other dramatic effects like tick, tick, tick or slowly increasing music. Can you break things like windows? There’s also the classic shreaking cat sound for bad tosses or clicks.

I like a little humor. Maybe porch pirates or irate customers maybe earn tips or customer ratings. Think of it like a delivery app. A modern version of the Paper Boy. Deliveries could have an occasional delivery instruction like “hide in the bush” for extra points.

Think about random side missions or minigames like a maze or something. Something to break things up.

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Coincidentally, the working title for the game is “Paper Boy” :sweat_smile: Love all the ideas, especially love the app concept, can definitely use that in so many ways! Thanks a lot!

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