Need some ideas for a Game Title, would you like to pictch in? :)

Hey hey!

The game that iv been developing to showcase as a beginners friendly first game to make, is almost at the demo stage! One or two more days untill its out for anyone to try!

The working Title iv been using is “Little Knights Tiny Adventure”, something i just randomly came up with on the fly to make a project.

Its a bit long and boring… iv been throwing some titles around but im not happy with anyone of them… so…

Would you like to pitch in and help me out on this? :slight_smile:

Heres a playtrough of what i got so far! Really hoping for the demo to be out tomorrow!

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It looks fun! One thing though, I recommend speeding up the game a bit.

For a title, the game looks a bit like you are exploring a dungeon or underground place. Maybe you could try a title with that theme.