New 2d(ish) top down shooter! Temporal Takedown!

Hey! I’m just finished (I think) the demo for my new 2d top down shooter, Temporal Takedown! The main mechanic is that time moves when you do. (Sound familiar?)
You can play it at this link.

Once i get at least 20 likes on this post and 10 requests on via the feedback, I will get started on the full version, with more weapons, levels, and progress saving!
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
Also, please disregard the fact that this was posted a while ago, as I would still love to hear what you think!



Damn, you work fast! :astonished:

Didn’t you release Wave Strike only a few months ago?! :scream:

Lol, yep. When I’m making a game I would love to play (or if my cousin was watching the first few hours of development), I work a lot faster :grin:.

Edit: oh, and sorry if you are a little confused, I am more widely known as Inusitatus, but I used to be imnotdream, imma see if I can change my forum name.

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I see! :astonished:

You can try to message an admin.
That’s how I got my own username changed.

K, thanks! :+1: I’ll give it a try

Edit: It worked! :grinning:

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