New App - But not a game

Hello. I’m a french guy, and I try to develop apps. It’s my First app. And, sorry, but it’s not a game…
Name : New Earth - 1st version : Curiosity

First, I want to thank you for your software, its low cost and your help on the forum is really nice. I try to create a new way to see, just with my own capacities, to show that together we can do good things, helping each others, without waiting and asking for a lot of money (so no adds in my app). And I think this community go on the right way.

It’s difficult because we have to live, but I think that is the futur. If we want money to live, I think it will arrive because people like what we do, but not because we sell a very expensive product.

I had the idea to use free photos and free musics, and make my app with them, but differently. So I created a gallery with all the photos (in a random presentation), with musics you can choose, just to have a good time, to have pleasure, and to take time for you. I think the world is to quickly today, and we forget to have just a good time, without running.

The photos will never appear in the same order, and with the same music, the feelings will be totaly differents each time you will launch the gallery.

To present photos and musics, I tried an other way. I put all the photos and musics with Artists website links, to allow the users to see all their work, and I put a sentence : « don’t forget to thank the artist ». I don’t know if it can help them (and if they need help), but it’s my way to thank them.

I hope you will like this application, and if you like it, could you share it with your contacts. Thanks in advance

Sorry, if we can’t make a post like mine, so if it’s not the right way, thanks to delete it.

And One time again, thank you for your software and your help. I hope my English is not too bad, because in france, we are clearly not the best to learn other language.


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