New business plans for companies, universities, game studios

Hi everyone,

As we’re having more and more professionals (game designers, small game studios), startups or even large scale companies using GDevelop, we’re now providing dedicated plans for businesses.
You can see these plans on our new pricing page. They come with commercial support, ability to use a custom branding and more things that are interesting for usage by enterprises or game studios.

We can also give discounted subscriptions for students/teachers from universities or for workshops!

This is a first version of these business plans. If you’re part of a company/agency/university and find them interesting, have a question or want to discuss the pricing of an option, contact us with the links on the pricing page!


I would have 2 questions.

Since the Startup plan include support through GitHub and Forums and Business plan include support through email, is that mean going forward regular Free, Silver, Gold members will not get any official support and response?

In this case, how could a Startup subscriber get priority support on GitHub and the Forums? By mentioning their Account name for example or other ways?

Thank you.

We’ll continue to do usual bugfixes and help but would try to bugfix urgent stuff from startup plans first if needed. As it’s bugfixes, it should obviously benefit everyone, like everything we’re doing.

Support for the other business plans might be a bit more involved, in the sense that’s it’s help around how to build things, rather than just fixed for proven bug with repro (which, again, we try to do for everyone :)).

As for how we can identify this, a mix of filters in our inbox and labels that could be automatically applied by a bot could be a good start? Happy to get your ideas!

(In a sense, we already do that for free by knowing which people are reporting bugs regularly and which people are having games published and we tend to keep an eye on what they say :slight_smile: Startup plan would allow small studios, great Indie Devs or agencies to get a good watch from us)

Personally I would not use the forum, GitHub or public email but setup a contact form available to Startup, Business and Business+ subscribers only within their account dashboard.
The contact form would forward messages to a private email address dedicated to businesses only. This contact form would be not available to anyone else and the email is private.
The contact form would collect and include the subscriber name, user name, email address and subscription status with the message.
Any email arrive from a different domain or missing this information would go to spam.
Successful submissions would get an email confirmation.
Then you can use filters to separate emails for each individual subscription type based on subscription status collected by the contact form.
In case of a question, customers can be contacted from a public email address to reply.
In case of a bug, a report would be posted at GitHub on behalf of the customer, for the customer to track progress of the bug fix.

Probably there is a much better way to go about this, but I think it is require the least amount of effort to implement and manage without any distraction in public community space like forums and GitHub.


A system like this is absolutely what we would have for Business/Business Plus and any custom plan - as they have a dedicated “helpdesk” for support :slight_smile:

For Startup, the support is more around “just” bug fixes, so I think it’s still interesting to “build in public” as much as we can (i.e: github issues) - though we could still use the same “helpdesk” for startup subscribers to have a way to ping us. We’ll see how it goes according to which companies/agencies are interested.

Thanks for the heads-up on the new business plans for GDevelop.