New Cuphead Fangame

Thanks to the great work and support of the GDevelop community this speedrunning oriented Cuphead fangame could be realized. I hope the difficulty is not too high? And maybe some kind of high score system should be added, where the best times of all players worldwide are displayed?


It’s as hard as it’s beautifully made. :clap:
Thanks for the GJ :sweat_smile:

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You’re welcome : )

Btw. Did the difficulty level seem high to you because you could only use the analogue stick and not the D-pad of the controller?

On freegameplanet the game was presented with the info at the end:

“…The only downside at the moment is that when playing with a controller you need to use the analog stick (as in the official Cuphead game a D-pad would offer more precision)…”

When testing with a generic Playstation controller, I had no problems with the D-pad. Is there any ways how I can deactivate the analogue stick in GDevelop so that the game can automatically be controlled only with the D-pad of the controller?

I played on the keyboard. :see_no_evil:
The Y is super far from the other keys, it’s quite inconvenient.
I don’t have joysticks, so you’re not asking the best person. I don’t think you can deactivate a stick, but I assume you can match any direction to a keypress, regardless of the joystick value/inclination.
IIRC, PS controllers have a physical switch to disable the analog. :man_shrugging:

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Oh, please forgive the trouble and the pain in the hand.
It seems that the Xbox360 controller is not suitable for platformers made on GDevelop. At least the lack of D-pad support can only be worked around via a lot of improvisation.

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