New design, new organization, new GDevApp forums

[size=150]New design[/size]

The forum just got a new design, with a clear separation between the English and French community, and a better visibility of all forums available (everything is listed on the main page, not more subforums) :smiley:

I hope you like the new design: it should be pretty cute and easy to use!

[size=150]New GDevApp forums[/size]

The new design also comes with the new forums dedicated to GDevApp: instead of having a completly separate forum for the webapp, I’ve chosen to make these forums just here, next to GDevelop forum, so that communities can benefit from each others. :laughing:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I really like the new design! Thank you for updating it!

Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

It is a great design. i think the gdevelop style logo should match that look of the GDevApp this would give a much better overall image of the company.

No, because we need to distinguish between GDevelop and GDevApp.

Really nice design and layout, exceeded my expectations :slight_smile:

Great :smiley:

the text in the name of each type distinguishes it. I have done many years in graphics design for print companies. and an overall logo type is what gets recognised by the brain and you end up trusting any program with the exact same style logo. with minor text or slight changes to tell each type apart. :smiley:
its up to you lot what you do with your logo’s but on a professional side i advise a uniformed logo overall image and upto 3 main colours in all your logo’s. its called image branding :slight_smile:

" A logo functions as one of the many parts of a company’s brand strategy, so much so that it instantly connects with the customers. Likewise, a strong company brand image is enhanced in the public eye by the immediate recognition of the logo."