New example to add to GDevelop

I made a new example, it doesn’t have any proprietary assets

It’s a platformer with:

  1. a “modern” camera system that shows what’s before the player, like in a 2D sonic game.
    It can be easily configured.

  2. There’re some objects animated in loops using the tween behavior, without variables.

  3. I also included some simple ways to simulate a Boolean variable, like:
    var = 1 positive
    var*-1 = -1 negative
    var*-1 = +1 positive and stuff

  4. probably some more stuff. . .

I kinda also wanted to use timers, but I couldn’t. I don’t understand them well enough yet.
Feel free to add it to GDevelop and use it for games.

Edit: I improved some things in the example, you should redownload it


Very impressive example on camera movement!

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You should submit it on github so it gets reviewed by 4ian. Once on github he would review it and let you know if it’s okay for gdevelop.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but I already did. :v: