New Game _ Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain

Hello everyone, I started working on this game over 9 years ago. I love 2D games very much, also because they allow an infinite number of facets graphically. Thus, two-dimensional games go far beyond 3D games. Especially in a shmup, I thought it was possible to break new ground in the genre. That’s why my sense of time and space dissolved during the development of the game, which with its thought “Bullets are round so their thoughts can change direction.” over all these years. What do you think?


All this in GDevelop?

That aside, the video of the gameplay is captivating. 12 minutes in, and I’m loving the social commentary. I suspect the game is even harder with all those visual distractions. Superb job :smiley:

Yes, the game was created entirely with Gdevelop. The challenge was not the technical side with the conditions/events etc. but rather the design and the complex image editing. I wanted to develop a game that, in the best case, would also look like a kind of experimental animated film.

The game has an easy and a hard mode. People who have less shmup experience may find the difficulty level on easy a bit too high. It may need to be changed. Although I took my cue from the mechanics difficulty levels of games from the 90s, where players had to memorise even more.

For the image/sprite editing I worked with Photoshop.

You’ve certainly succeeded there. The juxtaposition of the different graphic styles gives it a sense of an animated collage. You’ve done really well in avoiding a mix-n-match-bad-choice-of-graphic-styles feel and instead it comes across like a contemporary artwork. Your choice of music only adds to the game’s ambience.

Ahh, the good old days :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. I didn’t download it yet, but I kept seeing all those images in the gameplay. This is pure art. Congratulations for all your work. This is one of the most elaborate games I’ve seen made with Gdevelop. Excellent images and ideas. :clap: :clap: :clap:
I wonder to myself…how can i play this game and not go crazy?

I like the title. Those are probably the two trippiest movies I’ve ever seen and it looks like you did a good job evoking that insanity in your game. Nice!

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Hmm, can you go crazy when you’re already crazy?!? Just kidding. Thank you for your words, I like it when books, music, films and games trigger different feelings in one. In the best case, those feelings that you don’t think you can even feel.


what an acid trip!
Somehow reminded me a little about the anime movie Mind Game


Hello everyone, my game “Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain” has the possibility to be awarded at the Tokyo Games Show in the SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2021. You can vote until 23 September on the following page. Wouldn’t it be great if a Gdevelop game won? You’ll find my Game in the list at Number 29

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