New game published by AMAZING GAMES!

New game by Amazing Games! is out on Google Play Store: (link below) ENJOY!! And feel free to give feedbacks.

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Hi Juni,
I tried your game. I like the graphics but the game is difficult because I have some problems with the controls: they are too small and sometimes the buttons overlap the player and the enemies; results it is impossible to see the screen under my hand :confused:

I propose to remove arrows and if you touch on the left side area of the screen the player goes to the left and so on, without being forced to press the (little) button.

Also I’d like to see a player to die of animation (a proposal: a ghost returning to the checkpoint)

PAUSE and SAVE button graphically integrated in the layout.

In my phone SAVE is in the center, I suppose that you have to calculate the position in base of the windows size



Thank you so much for your review of the game. I really appreciate it and will look into making those changes.

I was wondering whether the Ads appear and if the save and pause buttons work? They work perfectly when I test them on my laptop but on my phone they don’t.

And also, would you suggest I remove the save and pause buttons from the game?

Thanks again!

Not remove them but use the other buttons style.
About Ads, I can’t see them.

Do you perhaps know how to include Admob ads in Gdevelop? I’m using Gdevelop 5 where the admob ID needs to included as an action.

No, sorry :confused: