New Game Released "Magic Hunt - Match 3 Adventure" is on Google Play Store

We are proud to announce that our new game is successful released on Google Play Store! :star_struck: :tada: :partying_face:

TimeSpace brings you the 3rd yet another adventurous and fun game
“Magic Hunt - Match 3 Adventure” on Google Play" Please Play and rate our game on Playstore :star:


Embark on a mystical journey with “Magic Hunt - Match 3 Adventure”, Dive into a world of enchanting puzzles and captivating quests.

Our First release includes

What’s New in Version 1.0:
• Explore an Enchanted Forest in Our Debut Release! :star2:

• Endless levels for non-stop magical adventures.
• Uncover the power of ancient magic by collecting and matching mystical stones.
• Enjoy beautiful visuals, soothing music, and engaging animations.
• Earn rewards in the form of glittering gold coins as you progress.

Kudos to the team!

Dinesh Naidu - Founder/Director
Karthik Naidu - Co-Founder/ Graphic & Game Artist

This is our 3rd successful game release on Google Play , and this is just the beginning. More coming soon! Stay updated follow


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We would love to know hear the feedback from the Gdevelop Users and Community members on our game. :blush:

Please Play and Rate our Game on Google Play Store

It Keeps us Motivated and inspires us to make more games.
Thank you! from the TimeSpace team

I didn’t rate it on google play because I wanted to give you a chance to address a few things. It’s a bit too hard to control. Whenever you tap the wheel automatically moves to the touch spot. So first thing I would do, is make the player have to purposely drag the wheel to the position he/she wants. That means it only moves if you touch the wheel and hold down and drag, and then let up. The other thing which may or may not work, is “firing” the ball, should be either A) touching the center of the wheel (like a fire button, excluding the outer ring which would control the wheel by drag as stated above. B) just allow firing by touch on the top part of the screen. This latter option would be fairly simple to implement, just making sure it’s above the halfway point, or even just above the wheel itself. Hopefully this made some sense to you.

Also one more thing that more nitpicky than anything. Technically you’re doing a match-4 – i realize that any match-style games can be called match-3 even if it’s more than 3. But I expect it to remove the balls when I matched 3 or more, and here it waits until the 4th ball to work.

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Thank you for the Detailed feedback, we appreciate and we are definitely taking that into account, it sure does makes sense and simplifies to controls.

We will work on it to release on the next version.