New Game Under Development!

So I started a new game and decide to make a “game page” here in forum so I can update game news pretty easily so everyone can see and follow it if someone are curious about this game :slight_smile:

Why new game? Where is BioMechanic Man Boy!?
BMMB is a team project, but for now (about half year) we haven’t done that game at all and now we have a situation that we can’t do it forward. But I hope in the future we can end what we started. So now I have been making this one new game about 1-2 months alone (no need to resort to the team, you can do everything alone and only obstacle is find motivation to push forward).

So about the game:
Game is platformer which gets influenced by games like Ducktales and movies like Indiana Jones. So game is all about hunt the big treasure from all 6 different stages and every stage you can loot a lot of diamonds, money etc. from the secret places.

Click the picture so see it bigger.

Interesting, can’t wait to try it !

It seems you work on native platform ? i’m curious about the second picture because it seems you use multiple lights items with a global dark light… I imagine the “not global” light object are overlaying the plan of the object with global dark light ?

Yes I work on native platform. Yeah those “not global” lights are higher in Z-order than global light. What I tried to make was that those “not global” lights should act like a global light, so it would look lot of better, but I think it’s not possible :smiley:

Yep… i was not sure with the picture but it can’t be different actually !

For information, i’ve just written a demand of new feature about this in the french section of the forum… Hoping we will be pleased by futures updates :slight_smile:

Great! I hope that too :slight_smile:

I always like the environments and feel of your games this one gives me the idea of BioMechanic Man but cooler

keep it going!

Thanks! Sure I will, tho my side project (Tundmatu) is taking my focus now :smiley: