New GDevelop website

I’m currently rolling out and testing a new version of the website :smiley:

Take a look here:
It should have a cleaner & more modern look. Multiple pages so that future additions are easier (for example, there is already a new “education” page and a more complete “contribute” page too).

It’s more focused on GDevelop 5 as I want to encourage new users to use it first :slight_smile:
GDevelop 4 can still be downloaded here (or on GitHub), it’s not removed.

The website should also be much faster (there is dynamic loading and aggressive pre-caching of pages), and responsive according to the screen size, always having a good look. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you find obvious mistakes, errors or issues :slight_smile:
Remember that you can help to translate the website on:

Excellent site seems really a good start

Thanks :slight_smile:

Note that all links should be redirected to
Google and search engine results should be updating soon too. Forum and wiki will be moved to domain later :slight_smile:

Since the website is going to be focusing on GD5, and semi-officially GD4 is deprecated, personally I would link to GD5 wiki instead of GD4. But maybe I’m not aware of something you have in mind.

Nice design indeed. is for sale by the way :wink:

Good luck.

Oh yes sure I forgot to change the links, they are now pointing to the GDevelop 5 wiki :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile: is indeed for sale but the price is quite high :frowning:

I was curious and asked for a quote too, I think the guy forget to release the 0 key on the numpad :smiling_imp:

An other thing regarding the website is that, since GD5 going to offer features require a monthly subscription, I think the website should also reflect that and display what plans are available and list the features in a table for comparison. Free | €2 | €7

Also would be nice to have the option to login to my account on the website and manage my subscription, subscribe, change plan or cancel subscription. Enter card details in-app is something I would definitely not do under any circumstances.
Did you find time to look in to PayPal by the way?

Also, I do like that especially with HTML5 engines when there are few games made in the engine that I can look at. I would personally put some small games on the website that people can try in the browser. Templates included with GD or embed games made by the community for example.