New Guy Here!

I’m an Information Systems worker from the United States who just found out about this project from just a few days ago. I’ve played with building games for many years and have played with Game Maker on and off since GM6. As part of my job and schooling I’ve had to learn some programming, but not all that much really.
Some months ago I decided to switch to Linux as my primary operating system instead of something I ran in my home lab as I needed. In the process of changing from Windows to Linux I had to find a replacement for my little hobby and I came across Game Develop. I downloaded it on my Windows machine to test it side by side with GM:S and so far have been happy with the results so It’s now also on my Linux desktop. I worked my way though the tutorials (Both of them) and am currently dissecting the example games to get a better idea of how everything works and what I can do.

So hello all. I’m still new at this program but I hope to enjoy my time here and maybe even contribute to GD’s growth a bit.

Welcome!!! and ask us any question :smiley:

I’m glad you’ve chosen to use GameDevelop. GM’s D’n’D events are absolutely TERRIBLE. Dunno why people still use this PoS, which by the way is using false advertising. Sure, you can use DnD events to make simple game (as in Pong simple), but to do anything good YOU HAVE TO use GML, which is programming language no matter what angle you are looking at it.

Welcome ! :smiley:

I agree with needing to learn GML to do anything to productive. Most time I just build a control object and code everything, it’s not C/C++ but it’s also not true drag and drop.

I actually do have a question, although I may be able to figure it out with enough poking around. How do I change the standard controls for the platformer player object? I figured out that if I’m holding an arrow to run in one direction then decide to jump five or more times Windows decides that I just want to use “Sticky keys” to keep that arrow stuck down. I’d like to just change what key acts as the jump key in the automatism rather than setting up a key press event that acts like the jump key was hit.

No problem. First turn “default controls” in platformer automatism off, then when player presses specific button, do specific thing. Example:

“Left” key is pressed | Simulate left for object GameCharacter

Thanks. I was hoping there was a way to modify the automatism to avoid this, but it is what it is.

This is done like that to make it more modular : you can specify conditions in the events so that the player will not be allowed to move under some conditions (for example when he jumps).

Default controls are just here to make you be able to start really quickly a platformer game. :slight_smile:
Once you want something more evolved, just insert some events to simulate key press, and so you have full controls on what the player can do using conditions or anything you want :slight_smile: