New Html5 Game (Made with Gdevelop)

Hi all…!
I have just released my new html5 game called ‘Yellow Adventure’. I just want to know what game feels to you how much you like it
You suggestions, comments and any thing else would be helpful for me

play it here

Good game! :smiley:
The last levels killed me many times :laughing:

By the way, maybe some walls to close the level and let you know that you can use arrow keys would be fine :wink:

Great game. Needs some music and sounds tho.

This is a great game, good job! Can I add it on GDevelop website? :slight_smile:
(and make a post about it on Facebook/Twitter too? :slight_smile: )

yes u can after all it’s all possible due to your software
let me know what I have to do

There is a request that please please and PLEASE add Tween functionality (like ease-in, ease-out, elastic etc…)for the objects you can use tween.js that’s an awsome one

Please make collision masks for spikes. HTML5 games support collision masks, just not the pixel-perfect collision (just tested).

Are you sure? I’m doing a test now and everything I do (collision mask-rectangles/triangles, pixel perfect, custom sprite sizes) returns a circle-circle collision detection, with radius=min(sprite.width, sprite.height). It’s strange because I can see code about custom collision masks in the spriteruntimeobject.js file :confused:

Well, I didn’t save it, but can quickly recreate that gd file I’ve tested on. Will give dropbox link once I’m done.

//edit: … 2.rar?dl=0