New Indie Game made in GDevelop! A strange summer in Forest Hill - Point & Click retro adventure

Made in GDevelop :blush:
Hello! “A Strange Summer in Forest Hill” :evergreen_tree: is now in the Play Store! My new game is a retro pixelated point & click graphic adventure.
If you like mystery :man_detective:, retro vibe, casual and adventure games,
it could be a very good option! English and Spanish.
It is totally FREE and has NO ADS. Find it now on Google Play:

Hope you like it, thanks GDevelop!


That’s rad. Congraluations on the release?

How are you handling movement? Pathfinding and raycasting, or another method? I’m working on a general point&click example template for the engine, but haven’t found a method I feel is “perfect”

Hi Silver-Streak, thank you!
Yes, I´m just using pathfinding limited by hidden collisions in some screens, and pathfinding that responds only to a particular area in others, so Steve moves in that particular area without limitation… I really don´t know if it´s “perfect”, but it works and responds very well.
I’m sorry, but my English is not very good, so it’s a bit difficult to explain something so technical…
If I can help in something else let me know!

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That makes sense. Would you be willing to share your movement events?

Hi, of course!

“senssteve” is the area where Steve is goint to walk. Then there are some collisions that limit his movement in Y.
This is the tutorial I saw for this code. Is in portugues but the code is there. I changed it but is the base…
Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Hope this can help you!

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As mentioned, I’m trying to build out a template for the examples list that new users can use to learn to make a point and click adventure game.

I’m trying to replicate Adventure Game Studio/Unity Adventure Creator/Classic game movement behavior, where if you click outside of the “walkable area”, your character still moves as far as they can in that direction.

Due to some issues with inverted raycasting (It detects multiple collision boxes on the same object as different objects), I’ve not found a great way yet to replicate this type of movement, so currently I’m only allowing movement if the destination is clicked within the valid walking area.

Your events gives me some ideas that I’ll play around with this weekend. Thanks again!



Vraiment super, félicitation !
J’ai pas pu encore tester à fond mais ça donne vraiment envie et gros coup de nostalgie :wink:

C’est grâce à ce genre de jeu qu’on voit aussi toute la puissance de Gdevelop !

Bravo !

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Hello Lugdanum, thank you very much for your nice comment! I am very grateful to GDevelop because I can make this Point And Click adventure game. I hope you enjoy the game and have a good time! Greetings!

Thanks for this gem Lazoky! It realy took me back to happy memories of Dos and Amiga childhood. Really love the atmosphere and the overall story and gameplay. Congratulations!


That template would be so helpful!

I started programming with gdevelop because im doing a point and click educational game to be available in html5. I have been playing all my life these kind of games but i have no experience with programming.

GDevelop is really great, but as I have no former experience i rely in the community for tutorials and help. I have been able to do what I wanted but I feel that my code is really messy and I lose track of variables, etc.

I actualy followed the same tutorials that Lazoky mentioned, using a mix of Pathfinding behavior and fixed X and Y coordinates and obstacles…

Anyway it would be really helpful if there was a template available, or any guide on how to set the basics of Point n’ click, such as variables, inventory, dialogue and save/load.

Please let me know if there was any development in that template.

Cheers and thanks!

This looks fantastic! I love the art style!

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