New layers in 2D game have 3D Light effect applied already

Hello. Today I created a new layer in one of my scenes and noticed it already has an effect applied to it.


I closed the software and opened it again, but the issue persists.

This happens on all scenes in my game.

My game is 2D and I have never used any of the 3D functionality in GDevelop and have never applied 3D effects to layers.

Thank you.

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Hello Pixels, good to see you. Mine does that too. Also if I make a new project it starts out with that effect on the default layer. I figured it was some setting somewhere I was overlooking, but since it’s happening to you to I think it could be a bug.

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I am in the same boat as you guys, have you noticed it impacting anything?

Not me. But I took them out, just click the blue cirlcle and then delete the behavior.

Edit It hasn’t even impacted my patience because I love GDevelop so much and their team has always been quick to fix bugs, add new features, etc.

Since I noticed the bug, I’ve spent 4 hours or so working with various scenes and systems this weekend and I haven’t noticed any negative impact from it.