New Loading Screen Feature

Nice ONE!
The timing is mean tho, since i just finished up my loading screen this morning with the help of bouh´s spash screen repo. all gone now, lol. But thanks to the changes it took me only a minute to do it again, and its even better now :slight_smile:


It still requires some hacking tho. I suggest to have 2 fields for delay & fade for logo & progress bar respectively. Size & position changes would be good too.


Nice where is that feature is a built-in or an Extension?

build in
in Properties.

That there now is a preview for the loading screen is a blessing too!


That’s really cool! How were you able to change the position of the logo?

under gdevelop\resources\GDJS\Runtime\pixi-renderers
you find the loadingscreen-pixi-renderer.js file
in line 84 is the y position formula for the logo. there you either make your own formula, or write a value.

Thank you, after some experimenting, I was able to get this for one of my game, still WIP
Going to keep the GDevelop logo because I want to let everyone know that Gdevelop is cool


Yep, my reasoning as well :+1:

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