New logo

Ever since GD changed name and subsequently logo, it felt somewhat bland for me. That’s why I’ve started to make new one, but based on the old one. Basically it is supposed to be spiced up version of current logo.

Keep in mind this is only first iteration of this. Wanted to make “Develop” part in some SciFi font, but none of fonts I have access to fits and isn’t based on font used in some famous SF series, so I went with Arial Black until some person can suggest better font.

This is vector image, so it may not be visible on non-browsers such as IE.

OK, updated logo to new version. Found good, royalty-free SF font. I think it now looks better. What do YOU think?

I prefer all letters to be blue and the second letter capitalized (GDevelop). :wink:

Tried blue version, but it looked ugly. Also this font doesn’t have capital letters (well, it has, but they’re exact copy of small ones). And other sf/futuristic fonts I could find are either connected to famous sf series or are ugly as hell.