New p2p example needed?

Hello there GDevelop Community!

Recently I played around with the P2P extension in GDevelop for the first time to get a feel of how it works. I ended up with a neat idea where a mobile phone would connect to a PC, where the actual game would run on PC, and the Controls would be on mobile. Sort of how the Wii U worked. In the example I made, using the phone as the controller, I used X accelerometer motion sensor to rotate a sprite on the PC based on the rotation value of the phone.

I thought this was neat as because it allows party games like Kahoot or JackInTheBox type games to be played. A PC host, with one or more mobile controllers.

If this idea seems pretty cool, let me know if I should summit my original example to GDevelop to be used as a example so people can toy around with it faster.

Thank you!


Hi BobKoko, that’s a fantastic idea and an excellent thinking-outside-the-box use of P2P :smiley:

I’d say definitely submit your game example - I think there’s a shortage of P2P examples, and it’d be great to have another one for other GDevelopers to learn from.

Also, if you took this further, I can see this being a great alternative to the current consoles, at a fraction of the price. My only concern would be potential lag, but if you had a dedicated server for running the P2P, then you might be ok.

Just popped in to ask if you could give me some insight on how i could do that. Im working on a party game but i cant figure out the joining part or the generating a private game part