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Do you fancy entering a part of the most interesting adventures in games? Forget the boring story and tired journeys in shooting games, welcome to the world of the fantastic games ever made. You may be a fan of exploration who loves enjoying a day as a hero and save the world from the dangerous creatures. This category sounds fun yet tricky to some of us. However, they still offer what you are wishing for. Here, you can prove your courage and perform your skills over the challenges. Will you eliminate all the threatening enemies, make your choice out of the following collection of the best adventure games for pc you can play on your browser.

1. Escaping The Prison

Do things over your limit!

This stick-figure game is more than fun to play. As what is pointed out from the title, all you have to do is to escape the alone prison! You will have to do and use anything that you can to get out of the prison cell. Some beneficial things are anti-gravity equipment, teleporters, and toilet plungers. Do things over your limit! However, don’t be careless since only one wrong movement or slower reflexes will put you right into the prison again. Before things get even worse, try to do everything to complete your mission.

2. Paper Minecraft

This fun 2D game is complete;y inspired by Minecraft which will ensure to give you all the best feeling that you deserve. First, you can select your expected character and game mode. Here, you will gather the ingenuity and skills such as food and resources gathering and settlement building. Ger ready to encounter terrains and animals. Collect wood and mine stones to make essential tools. This way, you can find more advanced materials as well as build essential structures. That’s all you have to do in survival mode. Although this game is not built with a 2-player mode, you can try 2 player adventure games online here.

Collect wood and mine stones to make essential tools.

For creative mode, you will be enabled to construct all the things you have ever thought of as imagined. Let’s make the whole world like the big castles and the modern cities. Also, the game is designed to load other players’ maps that you can see. Start building the fantastic world today!

3. Wheely 8

A legendary UFO is landing on the planet with one alien inside.

Wheely along with his beloved girlfriend, Jolie is going on a wonderful picnic. However, unexpected things happen. A legendary UFO is landing on the planet with one alien inside. He is finding a partner to go back to his space. Let’s get Wheely back to his lover! Also, give our top 10 addictive online adventure games for you to play free now a try.

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