[New Publish Methods] Amazon App Store

Regarding the Publishing methods, how can I document new methods, I have completed the publishing method for Amazon App Store and working on Windows Store. How to add it to the GDevelop Website.
Please guide and help.


Hello, thank you for this contribution!
You can make a page on the GD5 wiki, I created two draft pages for you.
When the pages are validated we will place it in the menus so that users can read it :slight_smile:


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@Bouh Does my game tutorial qualify for a place at the menu? :wink:


@thickblackmark45 After you put in the necessary information, I can help proof-read and edit the document for the corresponding stores. Cheers :smiley:

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Thank you @Bouh for the great help. I am aiming for GSoD’19.
I have updated the details of Amazon App Store gdevelop5:amazon-store [GDevelop wiki] and of Windows Store on gdevelop5:windows-store [GDevelop wiki]
Please also guide me on the topics, else I can create the Documentation, to have a better hold on the application.
I have also created tutorials on the following topics, please provide me links for them too.

a) Kongregate (https://www.kongregate.com/)

b) Itch.io (https://itch.io/)

c) Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/)
Please provide more alternative that needs to be added.


Users should test the new pages step by step before making them easily accessible, when it’s validate, we will find a place for links to these new pages.

Wow, that’s fast!

Itch.io have already a wiki page :
Publish your game to itch.io [GDevelop wiki]

Here are the new pages requested:

You should read this topic :


@Bouh also please do check the page of Window App Store gdevelop5:windows-store [GDevelop wiki].
Please can you provide me more guidance to more alternative that GDevelop Needs.

Thank you so much for the new pages, I’ll update them, soon.

Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like on the windows store page you described how to publish a game in the Play Store not the Windows Store and you are calling it the Amazon App Store :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So is this the Play Store, the Windows Store or the Amazon App Store? I am confused :sweat_smile:

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@ddabrahim for the Amazon App Store please visit, gdevelop5:amazon-store [GDevelop wiki]
If there is a problem in the details of the Windows Store, gdevelop5:windows-store [GDevelop wiki] . I’ll definitely fix it, thank you for correcting me out.

The thing is in the Windows App Store tutorial, you have mentioned Amazon Store in the opening line instead of Windows. Also you have talked about publishing to Google Play Store not Windows Store. Hehe.

@Nilarjun @ddabrahim While working for the windows store app, I generally refrained from typing the context whole, rather tried to reference the parts I can from the Amazon App Store Publish Guide. Yes, I saw the typos and context to the Google Store rather than the Windows. I am working to re-update it with the local offline content, but the page is locked. Also, @Bouh referenced in the first message, that the pages need to be reviewed, so I am thankful for pointing it out. I will fix the typos as early as possible.

Firstly you need to create a page first then you need to check you page one by one, well I just visited your page and dont mind you need to do more work on it, well I suggest you check on Reecoupons and see how beautifully they made their page, from there you will get many ideas.


Yes, I definitely agree with you, it needs to be more beautifully designed. That’s why I mentioned it to be a draft version.

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Links has been moved, here the new links