New Scene Preview Error


I created a new scene in a Windows native project, then linked it to an external event and a few events. When I was trying to preview it I got this error:

I was trying to look for the LastestCompilationOutpu.txt but it’s empty.

The scenes that were previously made can be previewed without any problem. I tried reinstalling Gdev but it didn’t fix anything.

I created a new project and everything works.

I’ll appreciate any help since it’s a project I have been working all this year :slight_smile:

Is the external event empty?


Nop it has one event. Also I noticed that it wasn’t linking the events of the external event to the scene because at first it let me see the preview but any event was running then after it showed that error and now it only shows the error

I also found that the problem is to rename the new scene or external event because I tested without changing the name and it worked.

I think it may be a minor bug but it may be difficult to work with New scene, New scene 2, New scene 3, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

If a solution is possible let be know, I guess I’ll work with those generic names for now.

And by the way if you were wondering I have only 5 Scenes but around 34 external events and around 24 external layouts.

Renamig scenes should not give problems at all. Maybe you renamed an external event, but leave the link event with the old name? :confused:

I always rename first and then create the links and also I don’t write them I choose them from the drop menu to avoid typos so I’m pretty sure they had the same name.

It’s the first time that happened to me and just recently on this project. I’ll try to see of I find something more or if I’m doing any mistake that may be causing but at the momment it’s everything I have noticed when it shows the error

I have also experienced this problem when I renamed external events also when I renamed objects, scenes, layouts.
Sometime, GDevelop having trouble to save the changes for some reason but difficult to reproduce.
Can be frustrating when it happens. I always do the following things to fix errors caused by renaming staff:

  1. Save the project with the changes, close it and re-open it, sometime it solve the error.
  2. If saving and re-opening the project doesn’t solve the problem, open the project file in a text editor and find the reference (CTRL+F) with the old name (because that is causing the problem) and change it manually in the text editor then save it. But before do this, make sure you have a copy of your project file
  3. You can also try to create a new external event with the new name, copy the events from the old one then delete the old and make sure you also delete all the links to it, finally add a link to the new external event and save it.


Thanks! I’ll give it a try when I arrive home to see if that solves it but I think option #2 should do the work :slight_smile:

Yup Following any of these steps will help to solve the problem so, if anyone is having a similar issue you can follow what @ddabrahim said and it will work again.