New themes for GDevelop

I want to create new themes for GDevelop and I’m open to suggestions! Which theme would you all love to have? I introduced the Nord theme some time ago and it has received a lot of love by the community, let’s have some more!

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I think there should also be an alternative non-dark theme, because some people might prefer it.

A theme I really like is the Materail Oceanic from the material theme extension of IntelliJ IDEA:

If you want to take a look at it by yourself, just download IntelliJ IDEA (or derivated like WebStorm, CLion etc) if you don’t have it, and install the Material Theme plugin. Then apply this configuration:


Yeah Arthur, what you show is very pleasant!

Can you show us a picture of the theme you created?

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This is the Nord theme which is already used in the IDE.

I guess we can add light themes as well if people prefer them :sweat_smile:

I’ll take a look at it :+1:

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Is it possible to give this arrow a light gray color?
It is very difficult to see, even in the north theme.

I guess this wasn’t modifiable, I did want to change it while implementing Nord theme as well, but it wasn’t able to at that time :grimacing:

Thanks for that theme it helps me visualize easier

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Hey Harsimran! The Nord theme is very nice, but I would like to suggest a retro/nostalgic theme like the software that came in the windows xp era. I think a lot of people would love the non anti aliased pixelated fonts and the more tactile feel.

a Dark Mode Theme is good for software use.
Material Design Theme for the simple and ease to use.
An there are many more themes and have there own specific use.