New tilemap object export problem

Hello guys,

I try to export a game with the new tilemap object and it does not work.
It works when I test with the gdevelop preview tool but not when I export.
The scene stucks on percentage …

Is it a known bug ?



Thanks but the problem is not the preview. It is the exported game.
The preview works fine.
When I export in HTML5 it is not working…

Debug from the exported game.
Normaly when I click on a number, a level is loaded.
Each level has a tilemap extension object and doesnt work

Did you use an action or condition on Tilemap Object ?
Can we see the events?

No action just drag on screen

It works when exporting in windows . exe app … But not in HTML5

Drag on scene not screen sorry …
When i remove the tilemap it works … It is surely a bug

Did someone try to export to HTML5 with the new tilemap object ?

@blurymind have you an idea for this error on Tilemap?

I checked the built runtime, the error corresponds to this:

const pixiTileMapData = PixiTileMapHelper.loadPixiTileMapData((textureName) => this._runtimeScene.getGame().getImageManager().getPIXITexture(textureName), tilesetJsonData ? {...tileMapJsonData, tilesets: [tilesetJsonData]} : tileMapJsonData, this._object._tilemapAtlasImage, this._object._tilemapJsonFile, this._object._tilesetJsonFile);

Hmmm … Do not understand … Is it a bug from the new extension ?

Not sure, my understanding of the game export code is limited. @4ian might know more about this one. Can you raise a ticket on github so more developers have eyes on it?

I am guessing that something is coming up as undefined instead of object and fails to spread here. Assuming that is tilemapData. But why is it OK in preview and the ide, but specifically fails when game is exported is the mystery.
Maybe the resource hasn’t loaded or failed to parse? Is there a more detailed trace for this error?

Please open a ticket on github and attach an example project to it

This screenshot shows that you’re using Internet Explorer 11. We do not support Internet Explorer 11 for exported games anymore - the browser is severly outdated and does not support half of what is needed to run games properly. Please use (and ask your players to use) Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge :slight_smile:

I used too firefox, chrome ans even opera.
Nothing works.

HTML5 does not work with a tilemap object with any browsers

I just tested the tilemap example on my phone using the Samsung Browser, then on my PCin Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge.

The tilemaps rendered fine on all 4 tests. So it doesnt seem to be an HTML5 thing.

Hmmm very strange …
Cause I test the example and it works fine. But not with my project …