New to the forum but not to gdevelop

Am new to the forum but not to gdevelop hope am welcome


Welcome to the forums!

Hi and welcome @Diego_Bright !

I answer your post before edit.

First of all, I really did not have time to make a lot of tutorial/example videos almost year or two. Now when I might have more time, I kinda feel like my job here is done. What I mean that nowadays there are a lot of tutorials and examples on youtube and bundled with Gdevelop that everyone can get started their game maker career. I don’t see the reason to make an example or a tutorial that you can find 10 different already.

Reason why I started to make tutorials/examples 4 years (maybe more) ago is that there really was not tutorial/examples on youtube too much and there was no simplified (only showing what to do, no voice, simple things) tutorials maybe at all.

I’m not saying that I stopped to make tutorial/example videos, but I think I fulfilled my aim of helping people and now someone else can continue helping in the form of videos :slight_smile: