New tutorial: How to make a platformer game?

There is a new step-by-step tutorial showing how to create a platformer game using the new “Platform” automatism: … formergame

Feel free to ask your questions here :slight_smile:

thank you i am so happy now

Does this automatism take slopes into account? Don’t need anything fancy, 45 deg. slopes are enough.

I’m asking because I am making platform game in Game Maker, have hard time with it and thought on porting it into GD.

Yes, 45° max slopes are supported. ( Could maybe be tweaked in the future ).

Hi 4ian

Thanks for writing up this great tutorial.

I am using GDevelop5 0.0.0 79Beta
This is the Start New Project from template - platformer

Complete beginner question but I want my player to die when on the floor and in contact with the enemy and to respawn at the beginning as well as being able to kill them (a la super mario)

At the moment the player dies on impact (any impact) and respawns
he can not however not kill the enemies

If I remove the “Delete on collision” then he can stomp and kill the enemy but will not die on contact…

Help please