New update 5.1.157 debugger doesn't work with tiled map

debugger crash in the last update 5.1.157 because one “tiled” external map is used. It’s not with any map, it’s just with one in particulary, maybe I have to create it again from scratch but the problem could appears again maybe. Any clues?

With the previous version of Gdevelop I don’t have any problem.

Tha game works fine, it’s just the debugger crash.

I get this window:

EDIT: map done from scratch and fails again, anyway the problem is due to new Gdevelop update, before it works.

Example shared, just execute the project and then execute debugger.

The project freezes.

It happens only with the last Gdevelop update.

I wouldn’t like to have to switch to the other tile program LDtk, I don’t like it. Besides I would have to convert a bunch of maps from my project.

I can keep the Gdevelop previous version but I am not going to take advantage of the new updates and the bug can happen to more people, it should be fixed please.

New example made in 2 minutes from scratch to show how Gdevelop tile maps are totally broken, maybe it deserves a little attention and I’m not even saying fix it although being free gdevelop is not a priority. (I pay 2 euros per month anyway)

Bruh, why does nobody reply to this? This seems like a critical issue that needs to be fixed.

Unfortunately, even with your most recent example project, I don’t run into any errors. I can run the normal engine debugger and use the chromium console debugger as well without an issue.

My personal best guess would be something odd going on on accessing the tilemap data json end of file on your machine for some reason (based off the range error you received).

You might try LDTK to make your map instead and see if you run into the same issue or not.

Separately, @gylotip Please do not bump issue threads unless you have something to add to them, such as experiencing the issue yourself or potential fixes. Thank you.

I also have problem with tilemap object and it didn’t display the image and just show X, it happened after I update Gdev, previously its fine. It turns out that the other json file in my project folder is gone only game.json is left.