New User here from Flash and Construct 2, I have 4 questions

After playing with GDevelop for 20 minutes, I have four main questions before I dive deep.

Please help me by answering these four question:

1: There is no way to align objects right ?
Nothing even remotely close to these capabilities right ?

2: There is no way to duplicate an existing scene ?
I am currently doing it by editing GDevelop’s JSON file itself.

3: What is the official way to determine which scene to load first during game play ?

4: Why are the objects created in one scene not visible in another scene ?
Scenes cannot share objects ?

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1 - You can select multiples objects and set same position in X or Y for align.
2 - Click right on your scene in project manager
3 - The first scene in list
4 - Because your objects are not global, right click in object list.

I recommand to each new user to read the wiki/documentation/tutorial you will found a link in GD himself , look “Help and tutorials” on bottom on start screen

1: That means you cannot center multiple objects right ?
You will have to take the width and then manually take out a calculator and take screen width - object width then divide by two…
Oh no… This is stone age…

Right clicking on the scene does not show option to duplicate scene:

3: Thanks.

4: You have to right click EACH object to set as global object ?
You cannnot multiple select and right click and set as global object for all ?
This is…flintstone…

This is called programming but yeah, there is no one click solution in GD but you can use expressions to write the formula, no need calculator. There is also an anchor behavior you can use.


This is because normally you don’t want so many objects to be global because global objects remain in memory forever and you don’t want that. But in case you do I can see it would be useful to be able to select multiple objects. Feel free to request this feature.

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Sorry, aligning objects have nothing to do with “programming”, this is a very condescending response.
Basic aligning tool is very very needed in drag and drop IDE’s.
How did GDevelop make it to version 5 without this ?

How come to duplicate scene is copy and paste but yet in object inspector when you need to duplicate object is right click->duplicate ? Why the inconsistency ?

Things shouldn’t be in memory just because they are in the object property that allow users to drag and drop into the IDE, they should be in memory when they are on the stage only.
This applies to stencyl, construct 2, gamesalad, game maker and more.

Is there a way to make everything global so that the user can choose to drag and drop from everything in the library instead of having to go into each scene when they realize they need something but don’t remember which scene the object belongs to ?

With programming? :grin:
To be honest I never really missed alignment tools in the scene editor but I don’t argue that it could be useful but we don’t have it in GD :frowning_face:
Maybe you can request it.

By using copy/paste you get the same result and you can also copy content between projects so it is more powerful. Duplicate allow you to copy content only within the actual project. I don’t personally miss the option to duplicate anything but maybe it is something the dev did not realized could be important to some.

Making something global in GDevelop is not an IDE only feature, you actually make it global in runtime so the object get loaded and remain loaded while the game is running and shared between all scenes. Of course you can question why is it works this way, and I don’t argue your points but I don’t think it is going to change so better get used to it.

I’m afraid no, it is consider a bad practice in GDevelop because as I mentioned you make it global in runtime not just the ide. But I see your point, actually it would be useful to have “templates” in GDevelop that could be a global list of objects in the IDE only that we could use to create objects from instead of creating them from scratch or make them gobal. It could be an interesting feature actually, might worth a request. :+1:

The lead developer of GD, prefer not to work on features only because it is present in other engines, he prefer not to copy other engines just because they are popular and people get used to features they offer the way they do, so when you decide to request a feature on Trello I recommend to try to come up with points how that feature helps you and improve workflow instead of saying you want it because X an Y engine got it too. :wink:

You can request features on Trello:

A good way to center an object without having to use a calculator is through the events, by using expressions. While it sadly cannot be done in the Scene Editor itself, a good satisfying result can be achieved through the Events! ^^; I’m sorry it’s not as practical as a one-click tool though!

To center in the X axis:

Do = SceneWindowWidth() / 2 - NewObject.Width() / 2 to the X position of NewObject

To center in the Y axis:

Do = SceneWindowHeight() / 2 - NewObject.Height() / 2 to the Y position of NewObject

There are ways to center the object inside another object through expressions too, as well as ways of fixing the object to other parts of the screen. The “Anchor” behavior can also be useful with these things, too!
I know it’s not as practical as being able to just center an object with one click, but I hope the expressions will be a good workaround. It should be easier than having to use a calculator every time, at least!

I hope this helps!

Wow, you were so friendly towards me even when I am a little hash in my tone…
I am deeply deeply sorry.
You are a very VERY good person.