New world for a newcomer?


I’m from france, 46 yrs old, with no background whatsoever on codin or programin. But i got ideas, and dreams, with a rational enough mind to help realize them.
And there’s that rpg/adventure game i’ve been dreamin of since quite a long time now, inspired by the kind of Darklands ( I see an open-world survival on map, with randomly generated events in areas, with texts, sound, music and drawings to set the atmosphere. The world would be dark, savage, and corupted, the goal bein to find lights and colors with our main char and its party members (or other players on a multiplayer stage).

Got all my time to work on it, and i was wonderin wether Gdevelop would allow such a project to take form in 2D. Haven’t seen any tuto about the makin of an rpg, so if you got hints… :slight_smile:

What you’d think?


Isometric open world RPG is one of the most complex type of game from programming point of view. It can be done in GDevelop but it won’t be easy also you are not going to find a tutorial on everything. The basics already covered on the wiki to get you started, you also going to find tutorials on more advanced topics from other forum members and examples included with GD but then it is up to you to put the puzzle together and realise your own ideas and may share it how you did it. In case you have no experience, never made a game before in any other tool I would recommend to try something more simplistic first like Pong and other arcade games and build up from there. I would say, postpone your RPG game with a year or two. But in case you are not patient and you want to go for the RPG right away, then I would recommend to try an RPG game engine instead like 001 Game Creator for example.

Hope you going to have fun with GDevelop.

Thxs, actually i’m not so much about the isometric view, and could easily stay on the visual novel implemented on map. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Game making is always hard… :laughing:
In case you mean the player travel on a map only and you would start story events which would be text based for the most part It can be done for sure. But in case the progress of the story would depend on choices the player made previously it would add some difficulty factor depends on how you want to implement it. In case you ever get stuck with anything, always ask for help on the forum and we might be able to help.

Good luck.

Cheers! I’ll see what i can do, so you might hear me again. :slight_smile: