No android build possible

“2 cloud builds per day for Android” is the normal situation i know for free plans.
tried today the FIRST build for android, but today the text is:
“today you have 0 of 2 builds…”

I think that’s because the server time is not your local time or because it counts 24 hours and not 0 to 12:59 o’clock.

If you do one build at 3 PM and another one at 5 PM, you won’t be able to build until 3 PM the next day.
If you got something different, try logging out or reinstalling GDevelop.

instead of android, i tried a windows build.
and this one worked. it also showed "you have 0 of 2 today…
android did not.
bit curios.

thanks guys for your help.
i think it was the timezone problem, but i am not shure.
today everything works fine.

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