No GDevelop logo Bug!

I found a bug that can make GDevelop logo hidden for free !
If you made the background white and the logo white (plain) the logo will be hidden
and I found a bug that can make logo hidden without using white background but I prefer keep it for myself :upside_down_face:


While we appreciate you mentioning this, not only is this not a bug, it’s mentioned elsewhere on the forums in other threads.

While removing the logo through the GUI requires a subscription, the engine itself and your project are fully open source. You can even remove the logo fully (Or replace it) by modifying your project’s source code, although doing so may also break your game if done incorrectly. Specifics will not be provided, however.

Thank you for reporting it though.

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Thanks for replying
but the logo could be removed through the GUI without Subscription

Hi @EyadMahmoud,
Thanks for taking the time to report this! Would you be able to record your screen while you manage to remove the appearance of the logo?

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Thanks for the interest @alexandresi ، of course
There are two ways to try to hide the logo while loading the game (Sorry but I can’t record a screen right now but I’ll make my explanation clear)

  1. The logo is the same color as the background (relatively not serious)

    my suggestion:
    Do not put the possibility of choosing a white background with the light plain logo


  1. Delay fading in the logo for a long time (serious):

    my suggestions:
    • Set a maximum delay for the logo to fade in
    • Make the game not load before the logo appears
    • Set Game Launch Delay > Logo Fade Delay

Note: The loading bar is sacrificed in this method