No publishing/compiling possible

today i have problems with gedevelop publish service. (never before)
trying to publish/generate a testgame into an exe.file
the total folder size is only 3 MB with a total of 105 files.

first and third time the same error logfile occured:
“Error output:
!insertmacro: macro “_!=” requires 4 parameter(s), passed 7!
Error in macro _If on macroline 9
Error in macro _CHECK_APP_RUNNING on macroline 2
Error in macro CHECK_APP_RUNNING on macroline 4
!include: error in script: “uninstaller.nsh” on line 10
Error in script “” on line 165 – aborting creation process”

second time the alert was
“time out”

what is it? compiling/publishing server down?

generating a windows-zipfile works
generating a windows-autoinstaller (exe) still does not

edit 2:
i changed the original game name “peter`s game” to “peters game”.
generating a windows-autoinstaller (exe) works.
maybe this was the problem?
the cracks will know.

anayway: i am happy now.

Yes, the title and other game property fields don’t like special characters.
@Bouh Cannot we add a warning or restriction for that? This problem comes back frequently.