No sound + music in HTML5 edition


Very nice GameDevelop! But unfortunally no sound/music when applied to it. I use latest FireFox 23. When appling only wav-file to FireFox 23 I hear sound. But when appling sound in HTML5 edition and then preview or play it later it in browser I hear no sound. I inspected the *.js files and found that wav-object is indeed added, nevertheless I cannot hear it. Even other browsers tried, no avail.

With sound the HTML5 edition would be perfect (at least up till now :slight_smile:

Thanx very much,


I had the same issue, just put your audio files into your project dir, and after that you can use them and they work fine:)

Indeed there is a small glitch during the export that prevent audio files to be copied unless they are located in the project folder. :slight_smile:
I’ve fixed that for the next version, thanks for reporting the bug! For now make sure to copy our ogg/wav files to the project folder and it should works.

Also note that wav and ogg files are not supported by Internet Explorer ( See ) :angry: So audio should works everywhere except on IE.


YOU are the MEN! (== Thanx! :slight_smile:


I have the same issue
during the preview audio/music works only with Chrome.

Exporting the game in HTML5 no backgoud music :frowning:
(also with Chrome)
do you know why?

This is normal. Google Chrome doesn’t really support executing Javascript on a local computer. You need to put your game on a server. When previewing, GDevelop creates a small webserver to prevent the issue.

Hi Victor, I have installed IIS on my pc and tryied to upload the exported files into intetpub->wwwroot directory
but in this way the game starts but with no audio …
I’m worried that after several days of development my game will not play audio. How to be sure that it will works fine?