No string variable crash

If you use Variable(variable) instead VariableString(variable) as parameter in the action “Read a value” (Group section) GD crashes :smiling_imp:
For example do it (crashes):

Instead (no crashes):

Heu… It’s normmaly :slight_smile:
I think you want say who GD don’t report the error :confused:

No, It crashes: instead any programming language, GD ignore errors to run the program anyway (it helps new users to not feel frustrated or scared, 4ian said something like that I think) but it doesn’t give you direct clues about possible code mistakes. This time GD has an internal code error, apparently :neutral_face:

Could you send me a quickly created game with this issue? It would speed up the debugging :slight_smile:

Here :slight_smile: :
Crash_test.rar (1.76 KB)
Please check this out: In this example file check the debugger, in my PC the debugger shows Variable “subgroup” = 0, but I set it = “Crash” at the beginning of the scene… and if I add another event with the condition “At the beginning of the scene” set = “Crash” the debugger refresh to the correct value :confused: