No tail, no scales!

Fishing simulator on a small river.
Fishing from dawn to dusk. Change of time of day.
The right choice of depth will bring more trophies.
The river is rich in fish, minnow, ruff, bleak, riffles and whirlpools contribute to the development of good specimens of perch, chub, and grayling.

:fishing_pole_and_fish: How to play?

  • Specify the time for fishing.
  • choose a location.
  • mark the place of casting with a green marker.
  • adjust the depth of the float.
  • click on the reel to cast.

:fish: When biting:

  • The fish mass indicator bar will show how much the fish is bigger and stronger.
  • Knock the fish out of your strength - Fill the scale to the limit! (repeatedly press the coil).

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No tail, no scales! - as the saying goes.


Actually i was really surprised, love the look of this and quite addicting. How did you make the water look like that? With an effect?

Thank you :slight_smile: I see fishing like this!

That’s right, the effect is on the layer between the layers.