Non-Games Development

I know it’s possible, I’ve experimented. But I would like an opinion: Do you think it’s a good idea to create a program or application that is not a game in GDevelop?

What kind of software?

I worked on an application for Linux, actually running on raspberry pi for my TV. It’s like a simplified application to manage and open apps on TV. (Like transforming Raspberry Pi into a TV BOX). I also worked on kinds of stuff like Calculator, an app for offline PC tutorials, and others. GDevelop seems pretty good for those applications.

If GDevelop is the tool you are comfortable using for such applications, then I think it is valid to use it. I’ve also seen other non-game software made with unity, another game engine.
Note though that for bigger projects, other softwares, frameworks and libraries may be more adapted. If you get stuck because of a missing feature that would only benefit applications and not games, it is also unlikely to be added.

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GDevelop could be used for some non-game type apps. But it’s more suitable for visual apps. If the app your designing is doing a fair bit of non-visual processing, I’d suggest using someting else that’s not as restricted (like Python, C#, C++, Java, javascript etc). They’re a lot friendlier when it comes to if-then-else, try-catch, switch-case statements etc

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