[Not a bug] PlatformerObject Behavior Bug

I looked for this bug on the forum and I can’t believe no one has noticed this yet. There is a HUGE bug in the PlatformerObject Behavior. When you are holding the UP key AND the LEFT key at the same time, it is not possible to trigger a jump. I verified this in my own project as well as the included Platformer example. It doesn’t matter what events are written, the object that has the PlatformerObject Behavior attached to it WILL NOT jump if both up and left keys are pressed. I am currently running Gdevelop 5.0.0-beta100 based on gdevelop.js 4.0.98-0-release.

Are you sure your keyboard just doesn’t support hitting 3 “command” keys at once? A lot of keyboards don’t support more than 2-4 alphanumeric keys at once, and only 2 command keys (for alt+shift stuff) at once.

Up+left+shift works on the platformer example for me.

Every other keyboard combination works fine. Up+right and jump works. Down+left and right and jump works, etc. It’s just too weird that only up+left won’t jump, so I wanted to run it by the forum. I would have thought it was my project that was the problem, but the included platformer example also exhibited the same issue.

I just realized that I am using the space bar to jump. This issue only occurs when the space bar is being used to jump instead of the shift key, which is why it was working for Silver-Streak.

Unfortunately, I still can’t reproduce this.

Up+Left+Space still works for me in the example as well.

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I can’t confirm it either.
Test there if this key combination generally works for you.

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Thank you for posting this. This appears to be a problem with my computer. I’ve tried several different keyboards and up+right+space is never registered. I’m totally confused now, but the problem definitely is not with your software. Sorry for wasting your time.