Not-A-Vania - A platformer showing my first attempt at GDevelop

Hello All,

I posted this on the Discord, but thought it made sense to share it here. I’ve been meaning to mess around with developing a game forever, but never had the time, and didn’t want to relearn any programming.

After stumbling upon GDevelop (Thanks GamesFromScratch!), I went through the tutorials, reviewed some examples, and asked a ton of questions on the Discord to get on my way towards finishing my first Game/Demo: “Not-A-Vania”.

The idea was to make a game in the style of the original Castlevania game on the NES/MSX systems, and add in some additional elements like a dodge and stamina system. I feel like I accomplished what I was trying to do. Overall, total time spent to make this (not including the original time going through the tutorials) was around 15-16 hours, which I think speaks to how amazing GDevelop can be.

All of the art and music assets were pulled from free resources on and

You can play it here:

As I made this as a learning experience before I start working on other things, I’ve also uploaded the project files at the same link above so anyone can download it and review how I did my events and objects. I added a bunch of comments within the events system so people can better understand what they are meant to do.

Kudos goes out to all of the folks on the Discord that helped me out with a bunch of silly questions.


thanks Im sure it will help all a lot :slight_smile:

Impressive considering it was your first attempt at GDevelop. I did experience some serious lag however in both Firefox and Chrome.
You may want to share the source on GitHub too so people could contribute to it and improve it, may even add new levels…etc

I’m a newbie on github so I might have to look into that later.

I can’t seem to reproduce the lag, though. Was it with any particular key set up (using Dpad vs wasd?)

As I was moving I experienced lag every few seconds.

I wonder if it’s the resolution I have it set at (720p) or something. I still can’t reproduce that on any browser on my desktop or laptop.

If anyone wants to look at my project files and tell me what I’m doing wrong that might cause that, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Could be my hardware then. It would be not the first time I experience glitches that nobody else.

Great job and thanks for sharing the project!

With a few additions and cleanup could be a nice example. Would be interesting to add more effects/animations when an enemy is killed - would be more fun too :slight_smile:

The sprites used are also super pretty - I think it would be nice to add this on the website in the 8bit section and/ore at some other places :slight_smile:

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To clarify, none of the art or music is my creation, although I think it is fully free to use/reference elsewhere:

Got the art from the Gothicvania Patreon Collection here: Gothicvania Patreon's Collection by ansimuz (CC0 license/Free for use)

And the music is from the Game Creator Pack here: The Game Creator's Pack by Jonathan So (CC0 License/Free for Use)

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m open to any input on how to clean it up/make it better for showing what GDevelop 5 can do, but the project files are uploaded if someone else wants to take a crack at it too.

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