[NOT SOLVED but fixed] Where gdevelop store any kind of settings other than App Data

Edit Part

I decided it is not worth my or any1 time to try to solve it’s i just reinstalled windows and bam is fixed

I lost electricity while i had gdevelop open

Now when i open gdevelop it is stuck on loading preview
But never shows me game

I do hear sounds from various games when im still at loading screen with progress bar
But i never get VISUALLY into game
This is what i see on each project

Again i clearly hear game sounds

I deleted gdevelop from gdevelop folder and from app data folder
To make fresh clean installation
(which did not change anything)

Yet i noticed even after doing so gdevelop still remember last picked folder?

So it needs to store that data somewhere else
Or am i wrong
My last idea before windows reinstall is to find it and delete it and hope next reinstall will do the trick