Nothing Happens When I double Click on Scene

So, I just got started with Gdevelop today and it seems like a great program. However, I’ve noticed 2 problems that I seem to be having.

One is that if I open Gdevelop and then close it and then go back and try to work on it later I have to restart my computer, otherwise Gdevelop won’t open.

The other problem I have is that I cannot open an existing project. I can open it and it will show up on the left hand side where it says Project Manager, but that is as far as I can get.

I read the tutorial that says to double click on scene, but nothing happens when I do that. I can click on it 500 times and nothing happens.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I like this program a lot, but won’t be able to use it if I can’t go back to work on existing projects. I am able to create a new one with no problem, but it isn’t as if I’ll be able to complete a project in one sitting.


Try double clicking on the scene names in the list on the left of the screen after opening your project

About restarting the PC, search in the taskbar the GDevelop process “GDIDE.exe” (in Windows), and kill it before launching GD again :slight_smile:
By the way, which OS do you use? Is it a Windows 32 bits?

To open a scene, as AuShadow said, you have to double click the scene you have created, not the scenes container called “Scenes”, also make sure this container is not collapsed (is unfolded) so you can see the scenes. Just to avoid confusions, in this example picture your scenes would be the green ones:

Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure if this was something wrong with the program or if it was something I was doing wrong, which it was. I was clicking on the part that said Scenes. Thanks for your response. I really want to be able to use this program because it seems to work well (when I can get it open).

I’ve been teaching myself to program in HTML5 and Javascript for some time, but I’ve only been using notepad and I can’t seem to get a game completed. I think with Gdevelop I’ll finally get something done.

Did you try this?

Do you mean did I try shutting it down in the task bar? If so, not yet. I’ve actually had the program open most of the day and so I didn’t actually shut it down. I WILL try this though.

I was able to open the projects using the info you gave me before and so that issue is resolved. Thanks.

Yes, it’s a known bug, after closing GDevelop the process keeps open so you can’t re-launch GD until terminating it through the taskbar. If it is your problem, I would like to know wich OS you are using :slight_smile:

I’m running Windows Vista 32 bit.