Numeri - a simple math puzzle game Open Beta

Hi Everyone,

I just released an early version of Numeri, to test if the concept is fun and to get feedback. If the game resonates, the idea is to build it into something much more robust.

Here are some screens:



Hope you enjoy!



Wow I love your game. I suggest you to create on line match and simplify the puzzle.
You cold get rich, bro

Thanks so much. I’d love to create online match but I’m not sure how to go about it with Gdevelop. And I haven’t really found much documentation on the subject. If you know anything about how to go about it and can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciated.

Do you have a Windows or Web version to try out?

Hi, no Windows or Web version. But I will look into it.

In the meantime, in the android version I have added an infinity mode where you don’t have to play against the timer. It was requested by some players who expressed their desire to play the game in a more relaxed format.

Good Game I love it <3
Can you please teach me how line works please

Hey Abeel thanks! I’m happy you enjoy my game. I’ll be honest, I “duct taped” the line functionality the best way I could. I’m sure there is an easier and more elegant way to go about it.
Anyway, below is a screenshot of how the first 2 lines would be created and you can then extrapolate from that.
The main point to keep in mind is to:
Use variables to store anchorPoints that you can then use to draw your lines.

Hope it helps!!

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Thank you
In fact, I am still a beginner, I did not understand well
I’m in stage 1 :smiley:

A very cool game! :slight_smile: