object move back and forth

how can i get an object to just move back and forward like every 1 second forever?

Like this, example:

I would add “The timer “Timer” is NOT greater than 2 seconds” in the first event.

Can you explain why? Because it’s works without that :astonished:

Oh, I didn’t see the “stop object” action which make it work without the condition. By the way, the first “stop object” action (in the first event) is useless.

It’s not useless. If I remove that first “stop object” this will happen: object goes good speed to the right and then accelerate to speed of light to the left because there is nothing to stop it :laughing:

Meh, it depends on the damping, and it isn’t show in the event dialog :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it’s much simple just put that" stop object" there than mix damping :smiley: